Prof. Nony Basalama to Speak at EDSA International ELT Conference on Intercultural Education (EIECIE)

Oleh: Moh. Kadhapy . 25 Mei 2023 . 08:44:52

Gorontalo, 27 Mei 2023 - Prof. Nony Basalama, the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Culture at Universitas Negeri Gorontalo (UNG), has been invited as one of the esteemed speakers at the EDSA International ELT Conference on Intercultural Education (EIECIE). The conference, scheduled to take place on 27-28 May 2023, will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

The EIECIE conference is a prominent event in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT) and focuses on intercultural education. It brings together educators, researchers, and professionals from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas on promoting intercultural understanding and communication in language education.

Prof. Nony Basalama, known for her expertise in language and cultural studies, will share her insights and experiences during her presentation at the conference. Her presence as a speaker is expected to enrich the discussions and provide valuable perspectives on the importance of intercultural education in language teaching and learning.

The conference organizers recognize Prof. Nony Basalama's significant contributions to the field and her dedication to advancing intercultural education in the academic community. Her presence at the EIECIE conference will further enhance the reputation of UNG and highlight its commitment to promoting excellence in language and cultural education.

Participants attending the conference will have the opportunity to learn from Prof. Nony Basalama's expertise, engage in insightful discussions, and explore innovative approaches to incorporate intercultural education in their teaching practices.

The EIECIE conference aims to foster collaboration and networking among educators, researchers, and professionals in the field of ELT, enabling them to share their research findings, best practices, and innovative teaching methodologies.

UNG congratulates Prof. Nony Basalama on her invitation to speak at the EDSA International ELT Conference on Intercultural Education. Her participation in this prestigious event reflects her outstanding academic achievements and her commitment to advancing intercultural understanding through education.

The university extends its appreciation to the EIECIE conference organizers for recognizing Prof. Nony Basalama's expertise and providing a platform for her to share her knowledge and insights. UNG wishes all the participants a successful and fruitful conference experience.


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